Pilgrimage to Scotland

Brooke Anderson and singer, songwriter and poet, Ann Mortifee share a friendship and passion that integrates their faith and love of the mystery with their creativity. They recently travelled together to the Outer Hebrides of Scotland and stayed in a tiny shepherds hut on the ocean…  Brooke painted and Ann wrote.

The spirit of laughter was ever present on this journey as inspiring revelations of truth deepened.
Yes, the Kingdom is truly within….
Israel is planned for fall 2020. Stay tuned for more news about stepping into the mystery through creativity.

The Shepherd’s Hut
By Ann Mortifee

Our shepherd’s hut beside the bay
Is brewing blissful peace
While on the Scottish moors around
So golden brown and green
A storm streams glory from the sky
And winds blow fierce and wild

A still small voice
A silent sound
Awakes from deep within
Where God’s own Kingdom
Does reside
The Buddha Mind
The sacred dove
Sends love
To lift the brush and pen

And when
The picture and the word
Have found their way to light
Those women of the Hebrides
Cocooned away
From howling rain
Stained by grace
In verse and paint
Receive the gift
And sing it back
In laughter full and wide