“Brooke Anderson doesn’t simply paint a portrait; she paints the character she sees. Her interpretation of a life is penetrative, evocative, a soul picture. She has a rare ability to move beyond the outward sign to the inward signature–she crafts a visual portal to the interior of her subject. Having been the subject of two of her portraits–and having seen many others–I can attest to her impressive gift for insightful disclosure and uncommon skill. She is a national treasure.”


“Wow! Brooke Anderson is an outstanding portrait artist. The work she did of my dog, Willow, has blown my mind. It is like she captured the full personality and spirit of Willow – not simply how she looks. It’s just amazing. I enjoy looking at it everyday.”

– DT

“Brooke Anderson is a uniquely gifted artist whose exquisite oeuvre ranges from landscapes to portraiture. Her work is versatile, reflecting nuanced sensitivity to colour, texture and line, interweaving alchemical synergies with unseen worlds. Her work evokes awe and wonder in a world tired of dis-enchantment. Visitors to my home are consistently intrigued and transfixed upon encountering her work; I count myself fortunate indeed to have Brooke’s work around me.”


“You’ve done an amazing job on my portrait and I’m taken back by your skill to capture what one would most hope would be ‘inside’. You’ve done it. Many, many thanks to you.”