Art as Alchemy Book

Art as Alchemy front cover

After spending a decade as an art mentor in the Federal Prisons of Canada,  Brooke Anderson shares  her reflections, actions and a  guided workshop template  to promote change through  the creative process.

Using Jerome Gastaldi’s workbook  Keep an Eye on your Soul as the arts engagement process and Art as Alchemy as the guide, participants enter the realm of self discovery and critical thinking through the doorway of  creativity. With this approach, we place one foot in the seen, experiential world in which we walk, and the other, in the unseen, veiled, mysterious world, which we access from within. When these two worlds align, the transformative spark for change ignites, and an opportunity to awaken opens.

Keep an Eye on Your Soul Cover
Workbook by Jerome Gastaldi
Brooke Anderson
Brooke Anderson