Spiritual Voices

Spiritual Voices Book Cover

Spiritual Voices takes the reader on a journey of Spirit that follows twelve individuals who share their deeper reflections on faith and what it is to be human in our world. Through their faithful walking, we glimpse a search for deeper meaning — in and through the mystery that surrounds us all.

Contibutors include Jean Vanier, the Right Honourable David Johnston, Lawrence Hill, Ron Rolheiser, Dr. Michael W. Higgins, Ann Mortifee, Sister Sue Mosteller, Rabbi Laura Duhan Kaplan, Imam Suleyman Demiray, Rabbi John Moscowitz, Michelle Le Baron and S. Brooke Anderson.

Paperback: 172 pages

Published September 7, 2018

“Faith is that belief that every person, whatever the culture, whatever the religion, is important and to enter into a relationship with that person. And not just to see them as citizens of the same country, but as brothers and sisters in humanity.”


“Contemplation is at the heart of the making of the fully human; contemplation brings the subject into a rare intimacy with the Transcendent; contemplation allows for the casting off of the shackles of self-delusion; and contemplation ensures our true freedom.”


“It was the transformation of the water – not the addition to it – that was improving the lives of so many families.”


“Some mystics gave this a beautiful mythic expression: They taught that the human soul comes from God and that the last thing that God does before putting a soul into a human body is to kiss the soul.”


“I said a deep prayer there on that hill that the Great Mystery would help me to cultivate the capacity to live with equanimity in the present moment, no matter how challenging or difficult that might be. I prayed that I could become centered enough to hear ‘the still small voice that knows’ and be led into becoming a conduit for loving kindness and unconditional love to flow into the world.”


“I do not know, but I suspect that the despair I feel today is not only mine, but a thin grey filature stretching through her to me, incorporating our maternal family line in ways I cannot name, connecting me to a whole web of women birthed from women via spirals of genes, spirits of dreams and sinews of loss. All that is unresolved is passed on.”


“I met incarcerated women in all areas of the prison population, from minimum security to maximum security; many whose lives had changed in the flash of a moment in ways they never anticipated. Like those of us who walk freely, every inmate had her own story and struggle. Many were traveling in the darkest valley of their lives. I did not expect to love them so much.”